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"The most effective healing and spiritual work I have ever had. The deep calm I experienced was unlike anything I have ever felt. She is the real deal. This was my first visit to Energease and it will not be my last. "
S.C., San Rafael
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harmonic facial treatment
I Loved the service!
My session with Heidi was perfect. 

She connected well and my session was unique for my being and what I needed during that session. I resonate well with Heidi's style of work and would highly recommend her to others.
She is a rare gem with both a large amount of knowledge that she has integrated and her natural flow of working with people is above and beyond. 
At the same time she is connecting with the above and beyond. Thank you!!!
~JoAnn T., Sitka, AK


Heidi introduced me to the healing energy available thru Acutonics.

I have received 4 treatments from her and resonate deeply with her energy and spirit. Although I don't understand how it works, I just know that it does!

I always leave the sessions feeling calm, centered, in my body, blissful even. Things shift and move energetically and physically.
I am often pain free for days. And sometimes the discomfort I was feeling is gone for good!

Heidi is incredibly intuitive and equally knowledgeable in various modalities. What I love most about Heidi is she works from her heart. And she has a beautiful singing voice. When she plays the singing bowls and adds her own toning to it, it's like being transported thru a portal.
It is truly a transformative experience.
As a healer, I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone wanting to experience the benefits of sound healing, increased energy and pain reduction.
-C.C. San Francisco


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Text from a client the day after a Vibrational Raindrop Treatment:
I woke up today feeling better than I have in a long time.
I find myself feeling excited about projects I am working on rather than dreading being alive. I know that is a strong statement, but the truth.
Magic is afoot and the Goddess is Alive!


sound healing treatment

I am really "in the groove"
and able to get things done in a way I haven't since the truck knocked me down!
Guess what I forgot to tell you when you asked about what I wanted to think about during the session?
My memory, concentration and confusion issues.
The new treatment has helped me work on the November business figures without getting confused and mixed


Look forward to seeing you on Monday. Thank you for helping me."
~Jean V., El Cerrito, CA

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