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A Sound Healing session can help you relax, release anxiety and put you in a space to see the bigger picture.   

I help you ease into  a liminal state  that allows for access to your higher sense of knowing, your guides, and transformational shifts.

I can also recommend a Flower Essence for you, or create a blend for you that helps to build on the work we do and address the issues that keep you from feeling in balance.

We hear sound with our ears, however we also absorb sound with our bodies.  


On a vibrational level, we feel the sound as it travels through our body via the gateways of the acupuncture/acupressure points, the chakras, bone, muscle, tissue and skin.  Every cell in your body is a sound resonator and receptor!

 Every cell lives in its rhythmic pattern.  By applying  sound to specific acupuncture, acupressure, and trigger points, we can access the meridian and chakra systems of the body on a deep cellular level.


Whether working with Biofield Tuning, or Acutonics, a Sound Healing Session can help you manage stress as well as pain, and help you find the place and space where you can see the bigger picture for better decision-making.   

Basically, working to help your body remember how to heal itself. 

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