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How do Remote (Distance) sessions work?

You may wonder if a distance session is as effective as an in-person session.

Many of my clients find the distance sessions more powerful, since there are fewer distractions and they can simply relax afterward, journal, and allow themselves more time for integration before jumping back into traffic or interactions on the way home.

Every session works with the power of intention, the belief of the healer and the receptivity of the receiver.

We are all connected with our energetic bodies through all that is.

Without getting too technical, that’s what lets us experience instantaneous communication through any amount of time or distance. That can explain things like remote viewing, telepathy and synchronicities.

It’s all a connected whole. it’s our limited thinking about linear time and sense of space that can act as a deterrent to what we think we can do or what we think is possible. Think about the power of prayer or Reiki, done at a distance.

So when I do a distance healing session, I connect to the person I’m working with, call in our guides and helpers and begin. Usually, I work with a hologram of the person and I can sense, read and work with the energy field of the client I’m working with. The client usually has a sense of energy moving in their bodies or energetic field, and can feel shifts as they occur.

I ask my clients to come to the session with a sense of curiosity open to possibilities!

Here’s a short explanation by one of my teachers, Eileen McKusick, creator of Biofield Tuning:

If you’d like to book a distance session with me, click here.

ick here:

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