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Access Bars

How would you act differently if you could release self-imposed limitations, judgements and programs from your field?

Access Bars™ can help with this.

This gentle process of touching 32 points (bars) on the head, with optional verbal processing can remove lifetimes of programs, limitations, beliefs and judgements stored electromagnetically in your brain! You will be amazed at the subtle shifts that can occur effortlessly and continue to occur over a period of time even after the bars are run. 

Reported effects: Deep relaxation, increased energy, improved sleep, elimination of cravings, enhanced sense of well-being and greater sense of ease and peace.

A recent study published in the Journal of Energy Psychology showed the severity of anxiety symptoms were decreased by an average of 84.7% and severity of depression symptoms were decreased by an average of 82.7% after a 90 minute Access Bars treatment.

 90 minute session

Access Bars Treatment
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